About Us

We have always appreciated photography as an art form.  From this admiration of art and our love for capturing special moments in our own lives, Presta Imagery was born.  Presta Imagery is a Rockland County, New York based photography company that specializes in capturing editorial quality images with an edgy yet timeless look.  We serve Rockland County, New York City, Westchester County, the Hudson Valley, and all surrounding areas.


Presta Imagery’s wedding photography provides a special style for the modern couple with style.  Our goal is to capture the emotion of your special day.  Through consultations with our clients, we are able to capture the unique qualities of each couple and the details that make their wedding day special.  Our modern yet timeless style, along with our focused eye on every detail, will make for a distinctive result.  Presta Imagery guarantees the highest quality images along with several packages to fit every couple’s needs.  Don’t forget to ask about our engagement, trash the dress, and destination wedding photography as well.


“Boudoir” is defined as “a women’s dressing room, bedroom, or private sitting room.”  Aside from under the covers of her bed, it is the place where a woman feels the most secure, yet is most vulnerable.  It is in the confines of this space that she projects herself as the woman that she truly is, and the woman she aspires to be.  Presta Imagery’s boudoir photography is focused on capturing that very same essence of a woman while making her feel sexy, powerful, and special.


As an alternative to the modern day boudoir photo shoot, we also offer the retro style pin up option.  While we use the word “retro,” we can help transform our clients into pin up models from any era they choose.  We will help you to create whatever type of look you are going for.  All you need to bring is your imagination and we will take care of the rest!


Portraits are always fun, and we love to create images in our style that will illustrate the essence of you, the coolest best looking you of course!  Whether you need portraits to mark the time, to represent yourself in social networks, for your business, for your portfolio, for your pregnancy, for your newborn, for your family, or just because you want to have some fun, Presta Imagery has got you covered.  To get started, we are only a phone call ((646) 527-8599) or email away.


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